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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blogs on Ijok

While sipping teh tarik last night, my comrade in arms at Restoran Thaqwa asked me how to find blogs about Ijok.

"Dey tambi! Mana ada Internet sini!"

Ok dude, you can find them here.

And, to develop a new habit for this kutu, let me start my blog listing today with Acciaccatura's Bacalah (2).

Dr M Bakri Musa from Seborang Senanti alerted me on his latest posting,
Dealing with Our Differences: Reflections on Mauludul Nabi. Thank you, Doc. God be my Witness, this kutu is very proud of you.

Well, its typical of a kutu to be very proud of other's achievement. "Tak ado apo yang se boleh banggo! Tuan doktorlah antaro yang se banggo!"

Thank you cheery, humorous, casual and an open minded Jed Yoong for your clear-the-air posting.

Still flabbergasted, Biggum?

My brother, Sheih, seems to be very busy in Kota Bharu. i bet my last lima duit, Biggum, that wont happen. Remember what Sheih said?

Some of today's new posting:

Ijok: Why should race of candidate matter?

After 50 years of Merdeka, most Malaysians should know how to deal with people of other ethnic groups, cultures and religions. Which is why, I didn’t mind Parti Socialis Malaysia’s argument about the matter.

Pengundi di Ijok perlu bijak di sini dan bijak di sana


Minta komen > Usrah


Apabila Mimpi Menjadi Realiti

...yesterday, i teroverlooked Elizabeth Wong's very important posting,
Fre(e)quent-flying MPs

And, of course, this Mat Poster latest creation:

60 Million Pictures Presents: LIE HARD 4.0


AFRAR YUNUS April 18, 2007 at 6:18 PM  

Sdra Bakaq
gambak menantu besak nampak hebat. ishh... jika boh gambak kalimullah sekali, tentu lagi hebat...

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