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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Earliest time for election late October to December?

My limited listing at 12.05 pm, March 17, 2007


10 things we'd like to see there

Will the IDR become a giant vacuum cleaner that will suck up all our investments? (We won't have to worry about China and India then.)

Will the IDR be a turbo-charger to propel South-east Asia into an economic powerhouse? Will the IDR spell boom or doom?

Speculation is rife election could be held by year end

"After August comes Ramadan and Hari Raya. The earliest window would be late October to December. Otherwise, it will spill over into early-2008. If we assume that Mr Abdullah wants to avoid the Anwar Ibrahim factor, then we can expect it to be held before Anwar can contest."

Harder for SMEs to get loans now: Survey

"We can therefore conclude that the merger of banks in 1999 has created limitations on the development of numerous smaller enterprises, which is not consistent with the Government's policy that the commercial banks are more helpful to SMEs."

Malaysia defense chief says no easing of military ties with U.S.

"There is no reason for such a call (to reduce the cooperation). We are quite happy with the existing arrangement."


Malaysia stocks – all time 13 year high

New government policies are now attracting foreign investors...In December, the government allowed non-nationals to buy Malaysian properties priced above 250,000 ringgit without having to seek state approval, as they had previously.

Pengisytiharan Calon KeADILan PRK DUN Ijok 17 April 2007

Penasihat Parti Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim akan mengumumkan calon Pilihanraya Kecil Dun Ijok esok (17 April), 8:30 malam di Bilik Gerakan KeADILan Batang Berjuntai, Ijok.

N11 Ijok: Adilkah pilihan raya di Malaysia?

Bolehkah kakitangan kerajaan seperti yang di-pertua sebuah majlis daerah ini diharapkan daripada sikap berpihak kepada parti politik yang telah melantiknya ke jawatan tersebut?

Forum on Media and National Development @ PLF

Keynote Address: YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Calon pilihan raya non-Malay atau non-Muslim? Apa yang PAS kena buat?

Adalah lebih baik jika PAS belajar meletakan calon bukan Islam daripada kita terlalu bergantung dengan parti pembangkang yang lain seperti DAP.

Virginia Tech Rampage: Malaysians safe

Makan with Teresa Kok

Observations from Cambridge for UM

It was indeed an eye-opener coming from the ‘CEO’ of an 800-year-old university who has recognised that the survival of the university in the new global platform is not to rest on its past achievements and traditions but to move forward with vigour to maintain Cambridge’s stature as one of the greatest learning institutions of the world.

Sabah saga - more than just Goddess of Mercy

I am sure there are also leaders in the state cabinet who share the same personal traits as Chong’s but are afraid to act due to reasons best known to them.

Belum apa-apa lagi sudah mencabul hak rakyat

The NEP has been abused to help the rich

NEP in its present form has been abused and lost its initial noble objectives of helping the poor and the needy instead of the rich of one single race.

Raja Nazrin’s excellent speech again

50 Posts to Independence No.24

“Keep your GeeZeus off my….” wha…?

The REAL Reason For the North-Pole Jump Delay!

Tuesdays With Bapak (10)

Bila Usrah Berubah Wajah

Bantah seminar kumpulan anti hadis: Umno sendiri tak percaya hadis

Apa yang anda boleh sumbang untuk Ijok

Isu PRK Ijok, Nasib BN Dan Rombakan Kabinet?

Mike Tyson [Senator Tan Sri Mohammad Muhd. Taib, Ketua Penerangan UMNO Malaysia], mungkin ke Mindef [jadi Menteri Pertahanan]; Abang [Datuk Seri Abdul] Aziz [Shamsuddin, Menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah] yang sedang bercuti [mungkin disingkirkan]; [Datuk Seri Mohd] Radzi [Sheikh Ahmad, selaku Setiausaha Agung UMNO Malaysia merangkap Menteri Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri] pun [mungkin] kena [singkir] sebab hal perjumpaannya dengan Putera Kelantan [Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah?] Pengganti belum pasti lagi.

Ijok: Dilema PKR dan politik pilihanraya

Sewaktu para pemimpin PKR sibuk membincangkan strategi penyertaan parti itu dalam pilihanraya kecil tersebut, terdapat beberapa pemimpin dan tokoh parti itu mewakili “kabilah” tertentu menuntut agar seorang calon dari kelompoknya diletakkan untuk bertanding di kawasan tersebut.

High anxiety

I have to admit that the bulk of the bullishness is part money supply excessive growth in many countries - which brings down overall quality of this bull run but makes the current bull more sure-footed also. Sure-footed in that things like liquidity is there; silly premises such as shrinking scrip supply due to buybacks and private equity buyouts as not really productivity enhancing - so quality is not there but the surefootedness of this bull is there.

Of outsourcing, offshoring and the IT Industry

Badminton: Listen to the coach, not the politician, please!

I’ve to confess that we Malaysians owe Liow a very BIG thank you, thank you for promoting badminton at Machap by-election when the new champion was too indulged in over-celebration. Can’t you be a little bit smarter in choosing a better place and a better time to showcase the champion-in-the-making, say after they win the World Championship or a gold medal at Olympics Games 2008, if you’re so eager to showcase your political power?

The current state of Politics in Malaysia


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