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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ijok is bleeding!!!?

(Reference: SOPO Sentral of Malaysia. SOPO Sentral of Malaysia is a great, noble effort by brother apa nama dia aku pun tak tau. Please make sure your blog is listed in SOPO Sentral of Malaysia - click here if inquiring mind wants to know him)

Dr M: I apologised to the people

“I did not apologize to Dato’ (Seri) Abdullah!”

Mereka tabur fitnah, kita tabur fakta! - Anwar

Ijok: Gempur... Terbilang... (2)

Benarkah masyarakat Melayu sokong BN di Ijok?

KeADILan mula provokasi? Umno report polis

An alert by Soon Li Tsin (i call her amoi comel. Please forgive me Sis, if you dont like. Pls send my salam to Nat)

Khalid Ibrahim’s entourage assaulted in Ijok!

flash: TS Khalid and blogger/photographer attacked by Umno Youth in Ijok!!

Ijok Nomination: Pictures debunk the spin

TERKINI: Rombongan Tan Sri Khalid diserang oleh Pemuda Umno di Ijok, seorang jurugambar dicedera

BN group roughs up Khalid, blogger

Round of updates on Ijok - April 21st

Ceramah kelompok dan edaran risalah

PKR: A revised view

Ijok seiras Lunas

Monkey see, monkey do


Amok in Ijok - Another Mat Poster

Najib, Altantuya dan Ijok

Para pemimpin BN mulai berubah rentak dan nada di Ijok

Ijok: Is there more than Najib vs Anwar at stake?

Ijok dan bloggers

Ajuk, a joke in Ijok

Tabligh & Pilihanraya Kecil Ijok

10 faktor kemenangan BN di Ijok

Pembangkang tunjuk isyarat lucah

Jurnal perjalanan ke DUN Ijok - 1

Ijok - praying pollies' pity?

Orang Asli bangkit di Bera: Takkan orang Ijok duduk diam lihat Khir Toyo roboh surau dan rumah rakyat

In-depth analysis on the by-election

Embrace and engage

The mother of all battles

Malaysiakini will never walk alone!

Will JACK BAUER Survive the next '24x2'?

The next time you wipe your ass, Think TAIB!

If you're hot, you're hot, if you're not, you're not
Abdullah must work trebly hard in next few months to have credibility to talk about Mission 2057

Please, hands on, Pak Lah!

The Machiavellis in Malaysian politics

The Machiavellis in Malaysian politics

Surat terbuka kepada YB Menteri Kesihatan Malaysia

Mengakui kelemahan bukannya susah

Why Jiao Zong rejects ranking of Smart Schools

Kindness rewarded with ungratefulness and suspicion

Sheih on Sheih: Quality time with kidos

The Reluctant Policitian - Book Review

Overcoming the spectre of May 13

Syed Mokhtar & BinLaden $50bil links?

Cabaran kemerdekaan fasa kedua

Minggu skim cepat kaya dan para muflis

Do we have to wait for ultra-conservatives to die before a dawn of new society?

Krisis kewangan PAS

Volunteers... PLWHAs... unwind!

Politics 101 should apologize to FL2020
An overreaction
22nd May 1979

The thinking process

On the road and out of Asia

Malaysians Women Fall Prey to Syndicates - Promises of Love & Overseas Vacations but being used as Carriers of Drugs; PENANG Student Duped off RM140K

Yang Berhormat or Yang Berkhidmat

And what do you think of this? Especially if you are from Bangsar

Dewan hears of Petronas sidelining local contractors

Of podcasting on Earth Day


Growing up in Trengganu #373,123

Azman Ahmad @ Cleo - A King Among Kedahans

The only true Imam (ulama)

Gimme rice burgers!

What keeps me going?

TMI raises stakes in Excelcom


Boao - a lesson in world networking

Boy briefs


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