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Friday, April 20, 2007

Rowdy monkey spotted at Ijok!!

The BIGGEST Ape with the smallest Penis

Rowdy Beruk Making a Ruckus @ Ijok

Amalan membeli undi oleh BN diramal semakin menjadi-jadi

Tiada Siaran Langsung Dari Parlimen

Zaid Ibrahim vs Nazri Aziz

Pemimpin yang keliru

Dr Hannibal Lecter - Celebrated Cannibal Of Film

Kemelut politik Sabah bergolak dengan pelbagai skandal

Of the rape of Lojing and the clowns in PAS

Set The Picture Frame Right

Rezeki tersimpan perlu dicari

VTU killer's psychology : an 'old-fashion' view

Ijok: Gempur... Terbilang

My response to Susan Loone's post (Another clear-the-air posting)

Separating Head of State from Head of Government

Tun Apologizes...or did he?
Now, TV3's claimed 3 million viewers of Bulletin Utama all over the country will be talking about the Perth House, finding out more things, when previously they knew nothing. A masterstroke from a Master politician. What else can i say. The man's a genius.
Master in Economics (Part 1)


mob1900 April 20, 2007 at 4:32 AM  

No wonder I got a few 'Trolls' on my ShoutBox, got featured here. Thanks PB. ;)

Gempur politik must go on. Makes you wonder if there's any 'Truth' or does it gives credibility to my humble little posters?

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