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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The eclipse of reason

(Reference: SOPO Sentral of Malaysia. SOPO Sentral of Malaysia is a great, noble effort by brother apa nama dia aku pun tak tau. Please make sure your blog is listed in SOPO Sentral of Malaysia - click here if inquiring mind wants to know him)


Dr M pun Akan Kalah Andai Lawan Partiban di Ijok

Abdullah-Hsien Loong Bertemu Pertengahan Mei Tanpa Sebarang Agenda?

Ijok semakin dilanda keraguan

Dan Pemenang Gusti Ijok Ialah …

Curiga kemenangan BN di Ijok

Bijaknya pengundi Cina

Isu Lojing Oleh Saifudin Nasution Ismail

Ops Anjak

Bumi Al-Aqsa tanggungjawab umat Islam

Keruntuhan Berganda Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional: Wujudkan Segera Suruhanjaya Khas Pembinaan Negara (SKPN)

Aku mahukan perubahan!

Budaya Samseng di Ijok?

Bukan Pengundi Hantulah Bodoh!!!

Jangan salahkan BN bukankah PKR mengalami masalah logistik

Malaysia Negara Biasa?

Catatan Perjalanan

Selamat Hari Pekerja 2007

Budak sains suka usrah?

Lawan kesemua Taliban!


Unlike Britney, You Won't Wanne Get Hit One More Time!

Abdullah-Hsien Loong Meeting In Mid-May Without Fixed Agenda?

Ijok and the eclipse of reason

The Darwin Awards: The Nominees Are

Will the real magician please stand up

Ijok By-Election: An Absolute Disgraceful Event in the name of democracy

Ijok - where Malays are even more tribal!

Ijok - full Parliament debate next week if PM wants to know reasons for Chinese swing to Opposition

Ijok - The Post-mortem round of Updates

How to gain back the urban Chinese votes?

Ijok - Raja Nazrin has answer for swing of Chinese voters to Opposition

Of wind of change in Ijok? Stop making hasty conclusion please

Comments on Malaysiakini article - KeADILan’s increased support vs. Umno’s violent desperation

Ijok: First batch of videos showing Umno/BN hooliganism and corruption

Standing with politikus against the dogs of defeatism

Corruption allegations against Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud and freedom of speech in Malaysia

Public building mishaps - once is accident, twice is coincidence, thrice is systemic government collapse


To the foul-mouthed liberal bitch

Conservatism in Malaysian Islam

IDEA, Incredible? #5: Malaysia's GRAND PALACE of JUSTICE falling apart

Greed? Consolidation? Or plain business?

When I talked to Proff Ariff from MIER last month, I asked him whether is all these mergers that's happening, especially in the financial sector like the formation of the anchor banks, mergers of discount houses, merchant banks and security brokers to form investment banks, are they really good for the economy? He replied unhesitantly that while it might seem to be very good, but there are chances that it will fail. Not just it will fail to bring Malaysian firms to new heights, but also it will be causing mass unemployment, lower GDP, lower confidence etc.

A full report will be submitted...

Two kinds of scholarships

Yellow snow is falling in Penang!

BBC Mocks ZAM By Giving Anwar Yet Another Front Page Treatment

Anwar shakes up Malaysia politics

Part One: Ex-CIA Director Tenet Admits Lies Told On War

PJ Selatan, here we come

The Enemy Within and The Stupid Man

Video clip

Tuesdays with Bapak (12)

There are students and there are students...

Tuesday Blooody Tuesday

Jakarta events for World Press Freedom Day

The Nazri-Zaid Debate

Bad Boy Of Pop Jamal Abdillah In Hot Soup - Again

MORE PICS – Raid on BROTHELS in Bukit Bintang; 18 Local Girls, 12 China Dolls & 26 Customers Detained, Questioned & Investigated on Substance Abuse

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