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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nasionalis, Sosialis, Agama, Komunis

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Quotation to remember:
"And a moron is simply defined as ‘a very stupid person’. It will be impolite to say that Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister is a stupid moron. But it will be more apt to say that he is very greatly lacking in intelligence" - Ibnu Hakeem

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Ahirudin Attan Swiss against the Minaret

Aisehman Just Do It

Amin Iskandar Open Letter to Thailand AG from WGJP (Working Group on Justice for Peace), 25 May 2007

Arif Abdull Malaysia urged to disband RELACik Gu Bernard Government must heed Syed Shahrir's request!

Cik Gu Nazir Khan Just A Kenduri (Cik Gu, i really feel like writing a few words to console you, if only i have something to write. If i can, i really want to sit beside you although this kutu has nothing to say)

Dalai Baru General Erections is cumming soon ?

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir Walkin' the Talk...Not!

Fong Po Kuan Apology for Comparison: Apology by YB Jasin & YB Kinabatangan & Welfare Minister of Japan (February)

H J Angus What Do You Think of the "Bloated" Civil Service?

Hafiz Noor Shams Of 1800 years before the construction of the USD7 billion Kedah-Kelantan pipeline


Haris Ibrahim Forum - Civil Service Excellence : Quality vs Quantity

Husin Lempoyang Explaining Silicon Valley to Pak Lah

James Wong Wing-On Pak Said's second memoirs now out in English

Jeff Ooi Corrupt customs officers at Johore-Singapore Second Link... ( 3 )

Jeff Ooi SMS-scammed 210 times in 17 days

Jeff Ooi SMS Scam ( 12 ): Majority wants 'Cowboy CPs' removed, says industry survey

Jeff Ooi ZAM-thing's wrong ZAM-where... no phone!

John Lee Ming Keong Reaching Out to the Malays

Johnny Ong Bible - An Indecent/Violent Book?

Ken-Jin Lim How many “police” we need to keep our society in order?

Kersani In Office But Not In Power

KTemoc Wanita MCA: "No, no, no to Suzie Wongs"

Lim Kit Siang Collective resignation of Ministers to give Abdullah free hand to end farce of “half-past six” Cabinet

Lim Kit Siang Michael Backman - most wasteful projects in Malaysia

Lim Kit Siang Will Cabinet adopt “RM22,500 fines for selling Milo at RM1.80″ rule to fight corruption?

Linken Lim Report fails Pak Lah over human rights

Linken Lim Malaysia faces key ruling on religious freedom

Lucia Lai Muslim groups brace for Lina Joy decision

MENJ PEMBELA poster on Lina Joy case

Maverick S M Venture Capital drives Muslim ahead?

Mindspring Azman Mokhtar on Proton

Gangster No.1!
Moar Powar! Moar Whoar!
Multimid MORE PICS & Video – “Millionaire” Lawyers Disappeared with Client’s AC Money Living Locally-Overseas; Exposed them – ONE Caught in Marang Resort

Nathaniel Tan Anwar’s decision re: KeADILan presidency - brief analysis of considerations

Nathaniel Tan Human Rights Regress and Protective Systems Collapse Under Abdullah Badawi’s Administration in 2006

Noor Yahaya Hamzah Keadilan Manifesto, can I claim credit?

Noor Yahaya Hamzah MTUC calls for RM900 minimum wage and Malaysiakini letters

Nora aka Anon Fm. Miri Peace at last….

Nuraina A Samad I, Consumer

Nuraina A Samad Tuesdays With Bapak (16)

Nurul Izzah The Hornbill, 23rd May 2007

Patrick Teoh Huh? Howzat???

Perdana Global Peace Organisation A front-row seat for this Lebanese tragedy

Pi Bani Yah's Story: Part 2

Ronnie Liu Westports questionable land deal: Chan Kong Choy must explain

S K Thew Between mutual respect and questioning

S K Thew Koh Tsu Koon

Sagaladoola Anti-ISA: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Salvatore_Dali Can The Chinese Markets Correct?

Salvatore_Dali Tom, That's Not The Way Yum-Goong

Shar 101 Blogger in Parliament

Sharina Skin their scrotum off and forcefeed them their balls

Soon Li Tsin CS forum tomorrow!

Sophie Johor a safe haven?

Susan Loone UMNOnisation of PKR?

Syed Imran Al Sagoff "Floating buildings" that are not afloat

Telemachus Lo Selamat Ari Gawai Dayak

The Malaysian Cabinet To Be Asked To Approve Disputed Project And Effectively Legitimize Corruption

Tony Pua Bridging the Malaysian Divide

Tony Yew Tinted Glass and Fancy Bikes

What A Lulu Lulu Didn't Study Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) in Oxford

Wielmaja Three Demotivational Posters for the Day

Xpyre Some of us bloggers are cannibals, we are

Y L Chong Can Anwar Formulate a PKR-DAP-PAS Axis?

Yodaddy An accident much awaited for

Zach Get Rich Quick Scheme

Zach Public Interest or only Making Money?

Zan Azlee Surf’s up!

Zewt You are the reason


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