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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Please sweeten what you want!

BUM 2007

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(Reference: Google and SOPO Sentral of Malaysia. SOPO Sentral of Malaysia is a great, noble effort by brother apa nama dia aku pun tak tau. Please make sure your blog is listed in SOPO Sentral of Malaysia - click here if inquiring mind wants to know him)

Quote of the Day:
"Petitions, not sweetened with gold, are but unsavory and oft refused; or, if received, are pocketed, not read" - Philip Massinger
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Letter from Bahrain to All-Blogs

Aisehman Injustice For All

Amir Mahmood Razak Life-changing Points I

Biggum Its for Melayu, again

BrightEyes Marginalize Me, Lah!

Chow Kon Yeow Malaysian duo in Jeddah chased out in the middle of the night

Cik Gu Bard It's difficult to survive in malaysia...

Cik Gu Bernard Zam, The One-Man PR Farce

Dansemacabre The Allure of Water

Daphne Ling You've Got a Friend in Me...

Datin Paduka Marina Way to Go, Brazil!

Datuk Ron Export Of Sand To Singapore Is Banned Export Of Granite-Quarry Dust Allowed

DEMA Fate of student campaigners in the hold

Desiderata Petronas' annual financial results ...

Dr Azly Rahman Merdeka! But are we totally free?

Ducky Flags of our fathers II

Conversation at Tamarind Spring

Eschua Musa Aman Playing Ass With Religious Freedom - KEADILAN

Faisal Mustaffa BN's Violent Behaviour at Ijok

FaizulMd Again, sponsorship is the issue #2

Freethinker What A Small World

Gundohing The Corruption of Iman

Hafiz Of Kissinger sat in 2B

Haris Ibrahim Say NO to racism and race-based politics

Ideas Incredible IDEA, Incredible? #11: Use hair colour to define "race"

James Wong Wing-On New heaven, new earth for Zainuddin Maidin

Jeff Ayn Dewan Rakyat: Barring loan defaulters from leaving 'last reasort'

Jeff Ooi Feeling good the Abdullah way

Jeffrey Hardy Quah You know you have Blog Addiction when you're putting your blogging before your university education with two weeks left in the semester

Jeff Ooi Maybank rapped for pro-Bumiputra discriminataory policy

John Lee Ming Keong (16-year old) Ten Reasons to Vote Barisan Nasional (Part 2)

Keris Silau

Khoo Kay Peng Ijok Spirit Continues to Haunt

KTemoc DAP - to repair or not repair the hymen?

Lim Kit Siang Can Samy Vellu guarantee that the RM1.9 billion SMART Tunnel will be trouble-free when it opens on Monday?

Linken Lim Farewell from the Sandmonkey-Egyptian Blogger

Lucia Lai They deserved the pay rise

Maverick SM Religious Rights & Freedoomed

Mahendran ‘Low class Minister’ issue : near- final view?

MENJ Political Majority

MindaCergas Tsk Tsk Tsk…. If this is true, then I am truly ashamed…

Why Yall Thinks He's Nice Little Fler is still a mystery to me!

Multimid MORE PICS – 6 Km SMART Tunnel OPENS Mon 14th May 07 after DELAYS; FREE Ride - 1 MONTH; Toll Rate NOT Finalised; How Smart it works in MODE 1, 2 & 3?

Muststpthis Bernie Says . .

Nathaniel Tan
Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang, Penang."">Forum on Public Transport in Penang

Nathaniel Tan
Sequence of BN Violence in Ijok with Links to Multimedia Evidence

Nik Nazmi Nanyang Siang Pau Youth Forum Series 6

Ninuk What category of blogger are you?

Nizam Bashir Macam-macam Proposal

Noor Yahaya Let Praise When Praise is Due

Nuraina Tuesdays With Bapak (13)

Ong Hock Chuan What lies beneath Zam’s decision to classify bloggers?

ProMahathir So who is the BIGGEST LIAR? Part II

Ronnie Liu Why GE is expected to be held this year

Saif 2020 Some "gift"!

Salvatore_Dali Good Stories, But Not Right Now

Shar 101 Class registration - part 2

S K Thew It’s election time again …

Soon Li Tsin Replaced

Susan Loone Altantuya: Flower of Love

Syawal Consumer Heaven

The Malaysian Govt To Gazette Another 5 Million Hectares As Permanent Forest Reserves. Great News If We Can Keep MBs/CMs At Bay

Tian Chua May Day

Timur Creative Shopping at Wakaf Che Yeh, Kota Bharu

Tunku Aisha Abdullah Agrees With EPF To Reduce Contribution For Workers Over 55

Wattahack MADbank White Rules... Don't like it ask our 50% brown lawyer

Wetbenang Tears in Lojing

What A Lulu Lulu's Election Date Guess


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