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Monday, May 14, 2007

Protest against leaking mouth MPs

BUM 2007

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Quote of the Day (of the Week, actually):
"And a moron is simply defined as ‘a very stupid person’. It will be impolite to say that Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister is a stupid moron. But it will be more apt to say that he is very greatly lacking in intelligence" - Ibnu Hakeem
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Ahirudin Attan Dr M in Langkawi's ICU

Ahirudin Attan Fast Forward

Amir Mahmood Razak Shrek III: Do Your Bit for Charity

A Voice (Tauke Sopo Sentral of Malaysia) Telekom, Does It Has To Be Sooo ... Complicated?

Biggum No compromise with loyalty

Biggum Wong Chun Wai biased opinionated journalism

Capt Yusof Ahmad The Classmate

Cik Gu from Penang A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Desiderata MGG Pillai's tradition lives on

Dr Asrul Zamani Knowledge & A Sense of Shame

Dr M Bakri Musa Angan Angan Mat Jenin (Or, The Delusions of a Walter Mitty)

Elizabeth Wong Protest against yucky MPs

Freethinker Racial Politics Again?

Hafiz Of there goes Giuliani

Haris Ibrahim Protest Against MPs Sexist Remarks

Hizami Leaks?

H J Angus How Do We Bury the Ghosts of May 13, 1969?

Jeff Ooi Maybank: Umno role-play in the pro-bumi policy

Jeff Ooi PSA & Westports: More headlines in Utusan Malaysia

Jeff Ooi Surviving 38 years of the May 13 bloodshed

Jeffrey Hardy Quah Military clampdown on bloggers

John Lee Ming Keong Ketuanan Melayu is Unconstitutional

KTemoc 50 posts to Independence - No.26

Lim Kit Siang Jamaludin Jarjis - stop censoring the press and be man enough to make public apology to Sheena Moorthy

Lim Kit Siang “Project Mahathir” - Mahathir should appear before Integrity Select Committee

Lucia Lai My poem on mother

Malaysian Unplug TIME MAGAZINE's Report on Malaysia in 1969 : May 23, 1969 and July, 18, 1969

Maverick SM Tales of Two Cities (part 6)

MENJ Marriage and sex in Islam

MENJ Muslim-Christian dialogue in Dubai

Mike BAC and the BWF

Minda Cergas Women and Modesty

Mummy, mummy  He beat me, boo-hoo-hoo

Multimid MORE Pics & Video: ABDULLAH ALIVE & KICKING; Tired Condition Due to Heat Exhaustion; Rumors in the Net that he had “Fainted” Spread like Wire Fire
I'm sure Najib's guys were pretty excited for a few hours. If this happened on a weekday, the Stock market would have been in on a roller coaster ride - kittykat46
Multimid Samy Vellu: ACA Says I Have Done Nothing Wrong - 3 Months Investigation; Denied Dr Mahathir's Allegation; Video Clip (1 m 12 s); Believe Him or NOT?

Nathaniel Tan Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development"">Gathering to protest discriminatory attitudes of MPs Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

Nathaniel Tan Politikus’ first forum at Nanyang :) Next appearance: Bloggers United Gathering!

Nuraina A Samad Hair Thieves

Nuraina A Samad PM's Okay
People saw him almost losing his balance and almost collapsing but was held by the Perak MB. Well, thank God for the MB being very near the PM!

And listen, that wasn't a private function.
Ong Hock Chuan World’s best Powerpoint presentation?

Pak Idrus A special Sunday...Just Think..

Patrick Teoh Somebody F***ed up. Big time!!!

Patrick Teoh Work - Malaysian style

Pi Bani Getting the message across

ProMahathir Samy Vellu : I've done nothing wrong!

Raja Petra Kamarudin Of Pariahs and Pan-Asians

Rustam A Sani May 13: A Sunday morning well-spent at the book launch

Sagaladoola Malays and Muslims Should Make Noise if Non-Malay or Non-Muslim Ministers Make Racist Statements

Sagaladoola JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Ministers Should Think Before Speaking

Sagaladoola JJ and the Moorthy Sisters: Should We Accept JJ's Apology?

Shagadelica Getting it spectacularly wrong

Sharina I lost my virginity when I was a wee teenager therefore I cannot love

Sheih 76 and Frail, yet he's still the one they want

Soon Li Tsin Tears for Fears

Syawal A 100 years to live...

Syed Syahrul Zarizi M'sia Security Commision list of Not authorized investment advice and/or fund management websites

The Malaysian Dr Mahathir In ICU At Langkawi Hospital Because Of Breathing Difficulty

The Malaysian Pak Lah's Continued Good Health Crucial For The Nation

Tian Chua Indian don’t vote Opposition?!

Tony Pua Mothers' Day Celebrations

Tunku Aisha Samy: No reason for Dr M to sack me

Tunku Aisha Toll For Smart Motorway To Be Higher Than Usual Rate

What A Lulu Either Way, Lulu Thinks Badawi is An Idiot

Xpyre Looking forward to the general elections

Zainol Abideen Malaysian Voters -U get what u vote for!


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