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Friday, May 25, 2007

Water Festival at Kompleks Mahkamah

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"And a moron is simply defined as ‘a very stupid person’. It will be impolite to say that Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister is a stupid moron. But it will be more apt to say that he is very greatly lacking in intelligence" - Ibnu Hakeem

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Alex Impact of Strong Ringgit to Malaysia economy

Amin Iskandar Election is coming soon....

Azlan a.k.a Mr.Wannabe 16 Top 10 Similarities between Malaysia and USA

Chow Kon Yeow Khairy reads Tony Pua’s blog?

Chow Kon Yeow No more “Red Devilish” act, Pak Lah

Chow Kon Yeow Stand off outside Penang State Assembly

Cik Gu Bernard Take a good rest Sir

Cik Gu Nazir Khan Good Bye My Dear Brother

Cik Gu Nazir Khan Liverpool, Go Join The Malaysian District League!

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir Our Parallel Lives

Dr Asrul Zamani The Star:23.05.2007: Women asked to be raped

Dr Azly Rahman Don't ban it if you don't get it

Dr Hsu Dar Ren Pay rise, budget deficits and productivity

Fong Po Kuan Report on ‘Sexist’ Remarks by Australian MP

Freethinker Perception , Zam and Wikilobbying

Hafiz Noor Shams Of new bloggers’ union, the STFU

Haris Ibrahim Save the Constitution : No 2/3 Majority

H J Angus What's the Maintenance Schedule for the SMART Tunnel?

I, Publius Melayu Fixed elections, phantom voters, etc: a wild imagination

I, Publius Melayu S'pore-Malaysia: Complementing each other for mutual benefit

James Wong Wing-On Malay origin of 'May 13-as-coup-d'etat' thesis

Jeff Ooi Civil servants: Oxford vs. Oxford

Khoo Kay Peng Crime Rates

Khoo Kay Peng Penang's Among the Best Cities in Asia

KTemoc Pro-tem committee PABS formed

Linken Lim Can Malaysia's Sexist Parlimentarians Be Pardoned?

Linken Lim Malaysians Bloggers invited to join Contest!

Lucia Lai Reports on the bloggers gathering

LSG Malaysia’s richest get richer

Mindspring Civil Service Pay Rise - unfair to expect more from them…

Glasgow Kiss from Alex Ferguson

Nathaniel Tan Live from KeADILan Congress 2007! pt 1

Nathaniel Tan Young Voters’ Campaign (Be the Committee!!!)

Nik Nazmi Athens is no Istanbul

Noor Yahaya My write up in Malaysiakini

Ong Hock Chuan A rare IPR decision

Ong Hock Chuan The mysterious ways of the KPPU

Ong Hock Chuan Vision or myopia?

Pi Bani After 3 years...

Racism in Malaysia Unspoken Discrimination Towards Silent Bumiputeras

Ronnie Liu Congratulations to theSun award-winning writers

Sagaladoola Stop the Hassle, Zainuddin Maidin ! Enough is Enough

Sharina Beautify me please, Samy Vellu? Even if I'm just an angsty Malay woman?

Sheih Husam's World

Silent Me Not Two Types of Heroes

S K Thew But really …

Susan Loone Altantuya: “Come on, give me all the evidence”

Susan Loone “Learn how to fly”

The Malaysian Khairy Jamaluddin's Latest Wira Melayu Sandiwara

The Shadow Now Zam says Bloggers are not a threath. Duh?

Tunku Aisha Quit Rembau Umno Youth, Khairy told

Walski69 Culture of Blame

Walski69 Wake up and smell the reality....

Wielmaja A Tragic Comedy : MU is not coming to Malaysia!

Wielmaja The Plot Thickens and Gets Better!

Zainol Abideen Anwar Ibrahim - He just can't do a 'Nelson Mandela'!


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