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Friday, May 11, 2007

You think their mothers are proud of them? - MM

BUM 2007

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Quote of the Day:
“Modesty is part of faith and faith is in paradise, but obscenity is part of hardness of heart and hardness of heart is in hell.” - Prophet Muhammad s.'a.w.
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Adibah Abdullah Extreme Medicine (II) - The Six R’s

Ahirudin Attan
All-Blogs meets Anwar Ibrahim

Aisehman I’ll Give You The Stars, The Moon, The Earth

Aisehman What A Load Of Motherfucking Bullshit

Anak Merdeka Celebrating MPs who degrade women, because YOU put THEM there!

Anil Netto Moses and Gandhi: From “small people” to inspiring leaders

Arifabdull Mahathir: dismantle parts of NEP

Aziz Ahmad Shariff
Belum Forest Gazzeted

Biggum An afternoon with Anwar

Biggum Business from blogging

Chow Kon Yeow No Justice for Po Kuan

Chow Kon Yeow Solidarity with Po Kuan, Redeem women dignity

Cik Gu Bernard Spoilt-sports troika

Crankshaft ".. Leaks Every Month"

Dalai Baru By the people, from the people, for the caring government.....

Dansemacabre Risky Blow…

Dr Yusseri Yusoff When you find yourself thinking along communal lines …

Datin Paduka Marina Land of the Uncouth

Datuk Ron Syed Hamid Still Keen On Bridge Project

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Letter to call for the immediate release of Aung San Suu Kyi

Ducky That big new leaking building in Duta

Elizabeth Wong The story behind the publishing of "May 13"

Elizabeth Wong
Vulgarities in the House

Eschua Islam's Feminism Rings Loud And Clear

Eschua Sexist Slime Juice Cats In Parliament

Farish A Noor "One must research Religion, and not just study it"

Freethinker Abolishment of PMR and UPSR Examinations and Their Relevance

Haris Ibrahim NEP (2)

Howsy 'Close One Eye' Case - One Year On

Howsy Sexual Innuendos and Sexist Remarks Are Such A Norm

James Wong Wing-on Sun shines on dark spots of Malaysian history

Jeff Ooi
Bung Mokhtar & One-eyed Jack: 'Batu Gajah tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor'

Jeff Ooi
When Westports meets PSA ahead of Abdullah-Hsien Loong rendezvous

Jeffrey Hardy Quah Sexism in Parliament: Shameful, shocking, but not all that suprising, really

Jimmy E Jelani RM32 millions Kickbacks: 1.1 billion Yen Questions

Johnny Ong Somalia Soldiers Burn Face Veils

Khoo Kay Peng
Iskandar Development Region and Real Reform

Kopitiamtalk Malaysia Today & Tomorrow :: Will We finally know the truth?

MP's menstruation mesmerised motherless monkeys

Lame Basket Maybank says MUST HAVE.........

Lim Kit Siang Is there not a single woman BN MP who will stand up for Po Kuan and women dignity and condemn the sexist BN MP duo?

Lim Kit Siang Ketuanan Melayu - are students taught that this is mere history which contradicts Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020?

Lim Kit Siang Most Shameful Mother’s Day in nation’s history

Linken Lim 6 months, RM22m

Lucia Lai Inter-faith dialogue not welcome by m’sian govt.

Malaysian Unplug Malaysia's Corporate Disease: GLCs such as PETRONAS with Racist Policies

Minda Cergas Maybank controversy: Government 1 : Citizens 0

The next time you walk out on an insult, you walk out on your dignity.

WattaHack? Women dont get mad, they just get even...

Nathaniel Tan Bocorkan Umno - stop the only real leakage that is killing Malaysia

Pi Bani My first PLWHA client

ProMahathir Why Rafidah Aziz should be FIRED

Ronnie Liu An architect’s point of view on govt defective buildings

Shar 101 KIW-part 2

Sheih Malaysian PM is a Devil

S K Thew Malaysia, truly Malaysia

Soon Li Tsin Bocor

Sophie The Free Economy

Susan Loone Altantuya: why no story on the DNA?

Syahid_Zul Love this song!

Syawal Evacuation Drill

Syed Imran Al Sagoff Today in history

The Malaysian So Young, Yet So Miserable And So Very Discriminated

The Shadow Mulut Bung Bocor?

Tian Chua Ijok voters support

Tunku Aisha Let off despite ‘sexist’ remarks

Zai Two Reversals and One Bridge Burnt

Zainol Abideen Apostasy, Hypocrisy, and 'Tidak Apa'thy


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