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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ayah Ku Kahwin Lagi by L Ramlee

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Quotation to remember:
"And a moron is simply defined as ‘a very stupid person’. It will be impolite to say that Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister is a stupid moron. But it will be more apt to say that he is very greatly lacking in intelligence" - Ibnu Hakeem

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A Voice
Thank You For The Music ... Loga

Ahiruddin Atan
Late Singapore President son says Malaysians paranoid

Ahiruddin Atan
Perdana wedding

Anak Merdeka Malaysia - still taking baby steps at 50

Anil Netto Size does matter: Small is beautiful

Arif Abdull Indonesia copy “Malaysia, Truly Asia”?

Bergen You Don't Need To Be A Smart Guy To Rule The World

Chow Kon Yeow Malaysians get new Mak Lah

Chow Kon Yeow Politics 101 Malaysia interviews Chow

Cik Gu Bernard Congratulations Sir

Cik Gu Bernard Now we are flip-flop land!

Dansemacabre Farewell…Loga

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir Happy Birthday WAO!

Datuk Ron Asean System Can Be Used To Manage Peace, Security in Asia-Pacific: PM

DPPWP Nik Aziz unhappy with SMSes

Dr Asrul Zamani 11th Hour

Dr Asrul Zamani Strive Hard We Must

Dr Hsu Dar Ren Frog and the environment

Dr Hsu Dar Ren Time to adopt automatic registration

Elizabeth Wong Altantuya murder trial: AGC Civil Division takes over?

Elizabeth Wong Bahasa Malaysia 2020

Eschua PM Remarries On Saturday

Ganesh Sahathevan How God Decreed That YTL Power Have Malaysia Pay So That The Earth Be Saved

H J Angus Justice Not Only Blind but also Lame and Brainless in Malaysia

H J Angus Remember that Old Saying, "Prevention is Better than Cure"?

Haris Ibrahim Lina, why the controversy? : A first look at the Constitution

Haris Ibrahim Lina, why the controversy ?: Historical and constitutional position of Islam judicially examined

I, Publius Melayu Goodbye, Loga...

James Wong Wing-On Has Pak Lah got Zam's nod to marry Jeanne ?

Jeff Ooi Maxis honours repeat offenders in elite Content Providers grouping

Jeff Ooi Selamat pengantin baru... Pak Lah & Jeanne

Jeff Ooi SMS Scam ( 15 ): The Nikolai Dobberstein Files: Maxis honours repeat offenders in elite Content Providers grouping

Jeff Ooi Thanks for the memories, Loga

Jeffrey Hardy Quah Hedonistic Linkblogging

Jude Manickam Farewell to Loga

Kean-Jin Lim Congratulations to him, our PM

Kean-Jin Lim What a news

I don’t know what do you have in your mind when you read at this news. For me, I would like to say WHAT!? Many weddings, So Chicken price up !?

Kopitiamtalk Congrats to the Soon-to-be Newly-Weds

Krongkrang Don't Go For Outdated Voting Procedures, Says Chia

KTemoc Lina Joy & the 'cane toad' phenomena
This is not the sort of story that malaysiakini would carry but it needs to be told within the context of the Lina Joy saga. The controversial Muslim-turned-Christian court appeal has been reported in malaysiakini recently.
KTemoc Lots of maybe's

KTemoc Should postal voting be abolished?

Lim Kit Siang Altantunya Shariibuu murder trial starts with black-eye for system of justice

Lim Kit Siang Altantunya trial - Malaysia’s justice system the casualty with AG’s continued silence

Lim Kit Siang Bahasa Malaysia - by itself will not promote togetherness, unity and integration among Malaysians

Lim Kit Siang Flabbergasted by PM’s speech - no signs of any new public service delivery system

Lim Kit Siang Land Premiums for renewal of leases in Sarawak

Lim Kit Siang Lina Joy Dialogue

Lim Kit Siang “Moonlighting” by civil servants - PM advocates “close one eye”?

Lim Kit Siang Yek Yow Ngan - MOH and Assunta wrong

Linken Lim Anwar: "We must encourage open debate"

Linken Lim Special TV1 tribute to Loga of Alleycats

Locus Standi Of love

Lucia Lai Ask your boss for a raise

Lucia Lai Bahasa for unity

Lucia Lai Move over lina joy, here comes altantuya

Lucia Lai Rest in peace, Loga (of Alleycats)

Lucia Lai Trial postponed so…

Mahendran Selamat Pengantin baru :D

Manifestogwl @ The Tun SOPO Sentral of Malaysia

Mat Merah Selamat Pengantin Baru

MENJ The disease of al-Wahn

Mindspring Proton and MAS simillar but not the same….

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing DOUBLE-SPEAK!

Multimid MORE PICS & Video – Altantunya Shaariibuu Murder Trial Postponed –Ensure a Fair Trial –To whom? Altantunya Family Suing RM100M; Karpal's Failed Bid

Nathaniel Tan and Soon Li Tsin Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School 2007 South Korea

Nathaniel Tan and Soon Li Tsin Bar Council Auditorium, Jalan Leboh Pasar Besar, KL"">Join Y4C & NYLC at Siri Pemikiran Kritis II Bar Council Auditorium, Jalan Leboh Pasar Besar, KL

Ninetnine What’s the difference between that two BM

Ninetnine When ayah ku KAHWIN lagi
Ayah Ku Kahwin Lagi by L Ramlee

Ayahku kahwin lagi
Dengan sidara jelita
Riang rasa hatinya
Mendapat isteri yang muda

Tapi ku sedih sekali
Kenang ibu yang ku kasihi
Tempat ibu sukar diganti
Tapi ayah kahwin lagi
Noor Yahaya Hamzah Kedutaan Besar Malaysia in Malaysiakini

Noor Yahaya Hamzah Naik Gaji or Else!

Nuraina A Samad Malays Are Not a Race

Ong Hock Chuan Mind your language

Pi Bani Another day at the clinic

Raja Petra Kamarudin Rights? What rights? You don't deserve any!

Roslan SMS For whatever its worth (35)

Ronnie Liu No more rumours, baby!

Rustam A Sani Bahasa Malaysia – and the rediscovery of America?

Rikey Best flip-flops in the world

S K Thew How and why the need to unf88k the Proton?

S K Thew Pak Lah announced his marriage

Sagaladoola Anti-ISA: Adopt Italian, Australian Anti-Terrorism Law Instead

Sagaladoola The Irony of Bahasa Malaysia, Alleycats and Mister Zam

Salvatore_Dali China Covered Warrants - Essentials

Salvatore_Dali Some Quick Comments On Certain Stocks

Sean Tang Mat Cemerlang..., Mat Rempit... different names, one fucking disease

Sean Tang Pak Lah getting married. "Nah, I told you so," says Malaysia-Today

Sean Tang Proton's parasites (vendors and dealers) keep barking

Sean Tang The Sun Editorial: Make the Economic Decision for Proton

Sean Tang What's wrong with fingering voters anyway? (with indelible ink lah)

Sean Tang Zulhadi Omar/Eddie Teyo - was he actually 'born' Muslim?

Shar101 King and Queen for a day

Sharina Malaysia is now more Malaysian with Bahasa Malaysia.. NOT

Sharina The next time you bitch about studying in Malaysia….

Sheih Email to Kang Chai Kee: Living in Oblivion

Sophie New Malaysian First Lady, Part 3

Soon Li Tsin Pak Lah getting married!

Soon Li Tsin The dinner

Susan Loone Rumour is fact: Pak lah will have a new wife

Syawal I hate Rumors

Syed Imran Al Sagoff PM Abdullah to marry Jeanne Danker on Saturday

The Malaysian Bird Flu Virus Detected Near Sungei Buloh, Selangor

The Malaysian Internal Security Ministry Bans 37 Publications On Islam Containing 'Twisted Facts'

The Malaysian Malaysia May Cede Control Over Proton Carmaking Unit

The Malaysian Pak Lah Getting Married On Saturday

The Malaysian Smokers Be Warned - Secondhand Smoke Damages Children's Heart

The Shadow PM Abdullah gets 2nd time lucky this Saturday

Tian Chua World Environmental Day

Tony Pua Malaysia, After Lina Joy: A Dialogue

Tunku Abdullah to remarry on Saturday(9/6/07)

Tunku Opposition to rule Penang?

Tunku Scheming at Selangor land office

Watbenang World Environment Day

What A Lulu If Lulu Can Recognise this Feeble Attempt to Do a Pre-General Election Bodek

What A Lulu Lulu Not Invited For THE Wedding

Xpyre Badawi marrying?! Oh no!

Y L Chong CSM 4PKR: on Lina Joy

Y L Chong I'm a Macai for CSM! (This time it's on Lina Joy)

Y L Chong It Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

Zainol Abideen Bank Rakyat RM50000 Loan Facility Available!

Zainol Abideen DAP Forum on the Lina Joy Verdict Tomorrow in PJ

Zainol Abideen Malaysia's PM getting remarried! Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Zainol Abideen Depraved Malay Main Media -Root Cause of Moral Rot

Zewt The reason why…


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