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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A clarion call...

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Quotation to remember:
"And a moron is simply defined as ‘a very stupid person’. It will be impolite to say that Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister is a stupid moron. But it will be more apt to say that he is very greatly lacking in intelligence" - Ibnu Hakeem

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A Voice
Musa and Ku Li To Speak Again

Ahirudin Attan Datuk K celebrated Altantuya's birthday?

Aisehman The Prawn Behind The Rock

Anil Netto Death of a migrant worker

Arif Abdull Malaysia’s Prime Minister defends Sexual Harassment?

Biggum Dogmannsteinberg EU envoy wrongfully calls for end of NEP

Biggum Dogmannsteinberg Leadership and loyalty
Leadership is the key to any organisation. Sometime, we have to change leadership pre-maturely (that’s what Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad urged UMNO, in Johor Bahru, 10 Feb 2007). Bad leadership will be detrimental to the sub-ordinates, the ship and the journey. But not today, not for me. Today we must show strength. Today we must show, we work well in the ship. Today, we carry on sailing into unchartered waters.

Today, I chose to listen to the leader!
Chow Kon Yeow Is it double standard, talam muka dua or lidah bercabang dua?
Malaysiakini and theSun have quite good coverage of the incident at Parliament yesterday morning. I must say I was quite taken aback by the hysterical responses from the Umno backbenchers. They must have put up a show that they were angered by my remark that the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was ” talam dua muka” in dealing with the inter-religious dialogue issue.
Damian Yeo So will they be charged?
I must first thank Malaysiakini for reporting REAL STORY which no mainstream newspapers dare and will report. Thank you for opening the eyes and informed Malaysian on current news.
Dr Hsu Dar Ren A clarion call from an Envoy

Elizabeth Wong In a league of our own

Freethinker In The Name Of Spin: Foreign Press and BERNAMA

H J Angus Cops Get Cracking in JB

Howsy RM 6.6 Million For 50th Merdeka 'Gotong Royong', Fly Flags

Jeff Ooi Parliament: 'Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

Jeffrey Hardy Quah Someone else finally gets around to covering this EU thing. Also, why Thierry Rommel is not Al Gore

John Lee Ming Keong Singapore is Not A Country, and Has Insufficient Corruption Opportunities

Johnny Ong
Parent - Job Description

Pesanan Malaysian Solution: A Jewish Take On Post May 13, 1969 Malaysia

Tian Chua Saifuddin took the stand

Y L Chong Will UMNO Youth Shout: Stop Interfering


prof July 17, 2007 at 10:42 PM  

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