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Monday, September 10, 2007

Firing of live bullets at opposition gathering


Achmed Rauff Khairy - FAM Deputy President?!!!

Ahirudin Attan Sixth day

Aisehman On The Ball

Amde Sidik True or not true?

Benny Loh Smoker-friendly Budget

Bergen Yusof's Family

Biggum Dogmannsteinberg Raja Petra urged the DAP to work with the Malays

Blogging and Blotting-Leo 10 held for rioting at Keadilan ceramah - 'CRIME BLITZ'

CJCM Police shot live bullets in Batu Buruk: Was it necessary?

Cyber Wap Reuters World: Malaysia police fire on opposition rioters

Elizabeth Wong Magic bullet

Fikri Malaysian police fire opposition gathering

Hsu Dar Ren New recording - myself playing ‘IF’

Jeff Ooi Shares drop on 1st trading day after Budget

K Temoc Shooting truth? - Truth shot?

Ken-Jin Lim Congratualtions

Lucia Lai Another cartoon crisis?

Mahendran News : Lawsuit against UK

Marina Mahathir Post-Op, Day 6

Mat Salo Malaysia The Arrogant

Multimid MORE PICS & Video – First SMART Tunnel Flood Diversion Successful? Why Upper decks were ALSO Closed? Play safe - possible disaster if walls Cracked?

Nathaniel Tan Postituted Star Covers-Up Vicious Police Violence

Nazir Khan Free Education, No Fees?

Nik Nazmi Tembakan di Terengganu

Nuraina A Samad Where are you, my beloved?

Ronnie Liu Batu Buruk Tragedy: It’s premeditated

S K Thew Kong Choy’s “resignation”

Salvatore Dali CEO Pay Excesses At Our Doorstep

Scamboy Telenor is meeting the Minister today

The Malaysian Hishammuddin Goes To Saudi Arabia To 'Learn' About Gifted Children Programmes

Tian Chua Melaka pig farmers

Tokasid There are two things that irrates me today

Tony Pua Budget 2008: Who Benefits? (II)

What A Lulu Lulu's Reading the Budget (4)

Wielmaja Proton Oh Proton - Part II

Y L Chong Some GEICs still believe in using typewriters!

Zewt Budget for you, spending for them


Malaysian police fire tear gas to break up opposition gathering

No Plan To Abolish, Standardise Parent-Teacher Association Fee

Firing of live bullets at opposition gathering an unexpected Budget '08 bonus

Prohibition On Open Ceramah Unless During Election Campaign


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