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Monday, November 5, 2007

CCID director Ramli claims trial to three charges

The Sun (1/11/2007): Federal Commercial Crimes Investigations Department director Datuk Ramli Yusuff today claimed trial to three charges - two for non-disclosure of assets and a third charge for involvement in business while being a public servant - in a sessions court here today.

On the first charge of non-disclosure of assets under Section 32(2) of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997, Ramli allegedly failed to declare the ownership of two lots of business suites in the Megan Avenue II building located on Jalan Yap Kwan Seng here.

The value of the two office units, during acquirement, was worth RM1, 032, 840 million and was held by two directors of Bonus Circle Sdn Bhd who were named as Ramli’s elder and younger sisters, Rohmah@ Hasmah Yusoff and Roslina respectively.

On the second charge, Ramli allegedly failed to declare the ownership of 154,000 units of shares in Permaju Industries Sdn Bhd.

The two offences were allegedly committed by Ramli at the ACA headquarters in Putrajaya on Sept 17, for failing to adhere to the written notice, under Setion 32(1)(a) of the Anti-Corruption Act, which requires him to declare in writing and under oath, on assets, movable or immovable, owned by him or which he had interest in and also, all sources of income.

The third, a summons charge, alleged that Ramli, on April 25, 2006, being a public servant, a Commissioner of Police holding the position of the director of the Commercial Crimes Investigations Department in Bukit Aman had flouted the Regulation 5(1)(a) of the Public Servants Rules and Regulations (Amendment) 2002 which prohibited him from being involved in business.

He was alleged to have taken part in business by being involved in Kinsajaya Sdn Bhd as a director of the company, and had thus committed an offence under Section 168 of the Penal Code.

After the first two charges were read to him by the court interpreter, Ramli claimed trial.

ACA Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Mohd Jazamuddin Ahmad Nawawi told judge S.M.Komathy Suppiah the prosecution would be calling 20 witnesses and requested for one-week for the trial to kick-off.

He said since the offences were bailable, they had no objections to allow Ramli to go overseas to perform "umrah" but requested that he hand over his passport once he returns.

Ramli’s lawyer, Datuk K.Kumaraendran appealed for Ramli’s passport not to be impounded by the court.

"He is the third highest ranking police, the director of the Commercial Crimes Investigations Department and has been in the force for 38 years. His entire career hangs in jeopardy because of these charges.

" It has cast a shadow on his character as a senior police officer. (The) accused intends to restore his good name and this is sufficient reason for him to appear in court and clear his name," Kumarendran told the court.

He objected to the application for Ramli’s passport to be surrendered to the court, saying such a move was additional security for someone who might abscond, and there was no evidence to suggest that Ramli is about to flee the charge.

Kumaraendran said being a senior police officer, there was no chance of Ramli absconding and appealed for the court to allow Ramli to stand on his personal bond to attend the hearing. He added that Ramli, who is about to perform the "umrah" overseas was also scheduled to accompany the Sultan of Kelantan in the pilgrimage.

Mohd Jazamuddin said Ramli should be no different from any other man-on-the-street and the application for his passport to be impounded by the court applies to everyone else.

He said the prosecution had no objection to Ramli being allowed to perform the "umrah" but once he returns the passport has to be surrendered to the court.

Kumaraendran argued that Ramli had been very cooperative with the ACA and had gone to their headquarters after being told to for his statement to be recorded, only to be charged instead.

He applied for Ramli to be released on his personal bond, but Komathy rejected the application.

"Datuk Ramli, you can keep your passport," said Komathy before setting bail at RM20,000 and fixing Jan 15 to 18 for the case to be heard.

Ramli, who was in the dock when the two charges were read out to him, then stepped out when the summons charge was read to him and claimed trial.

Mohd Jazamuddin said the prosecution will be calling 15 witnesses and asked for an early date.

Kumaraendran said he had to look at the charge in detail as he was not privy to some of the details earlier and that his defence team might seek a joint-trial date for the three charges.

Jazamuddin said they were not looking at a joint-trial but agreed for the third charge to be mentioned on the dates fixed earlier, on Jan 15.

Also present in court today were Ramli’s wife, sessions court 3 judge Datuk Anita Harun and lawyer Rosli Dahlan who was recently charged in court for failing to declare his assets in connection with the investigations into Ramli by the ACA.

It is learnt Rosli had attempted to represent Ramli but had to disqualify himself from doing so by the ACA.

Besides Anita and Roslan, others believed to be Ramli’s sisters and relatives, friends and police officers in plain clothes were in court to lend moral support to Ramli.

Kumaraendran was assisted by Datuk C. Vijaya Kumar and Harvinderjit Singh while Zulkarnain Hassan assisted Mohd Jazamuddin.

Ramli’s bail was posted by a friend, businessman Datuk Roger Tan.


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