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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Umno unapologetic on mission to promote Islam

Malaysiakini (7/11/2007): Abdullah also warned that the disrespect and extremism shown by one party will elicit a similar response from another party.

“If we want our religion to be respected and understood, let us, in Umno, show exemplary behaviour by respecting the followers of other religions and their needs,” he added. (Full report)


Bush praises Malaysia in fight against terrorism

"In Malaysia, Prime Minister Badawi is working to promote what he calls Islam Hadhari or Civilisational Islam. He has called on his fellow Malaysians to show by example that a Muslim country can be modern, democratic and tolerant, and economically competitive..."

The real concept of Islam Hadhari: halal gambling

Johor Casino

Islam Hadhari ridicules the Hudud Laws of Allah SWT

Jahiliyah Renaissance amongst Malaysian Muslims

Islam Hadhari a step backward

Islam Hadhari vs 'Islam Yang Satu'

A lot of Mahathir's talking points are expected to be blacked out by the mainstream media as he hit out at the core of Abdullah's religious posturing.

Mahathir didn't mince his words especially when he articulated his sceptical views of Islam Hadhari, during the Q&A session, awkwardly in the presence of PAS national leaders, who had openly renounced Abdullah's concept of 'Civilisational Islam'.

He argued that one can't interpret Islam and connote it as having an older and newer versions just because time has lapsed. He said, for him, there is only one Islam pillared on the Al-Quran and the Hadis. Quote:
"Jadi kita balik kepada Islam yang satu... tak payah le Hadhari ke tak Hadhari... Islam sesuai sepanjang zaman. Jangan ingat zaman Nabi saja... zaman sakarang sesuai. Kalau kita ikut tafsiran Al-Quran yang betul... ia sesuai untuk zaman seberapa moden sekalipun."
His Hollowness The Imam of Islam Hadhari

Heads I win, tails you lose

Pak Lah started by introducing his brand of moderate or ‘civilised’ Islam called Islam Hadhari. Of course, some Umno leaders are still confused about the concept and think that hadhari means had hari (restricted at daytime) and tiada had malam (no restrictions at night). That is why they are caught in vice raids in the middle of the night and never in the daytime.

Islam Hadhari was not working out as well as they had hoped. It became the target of ridicule and was not being taken seriously, even by Umno members. Clearly Islam Hadhari was proving a failure and was not uniting the Malays as anticipated. They needed to do more. And the ‘more’ would be to create an impression that Islam is under attack from the non-Muslims.

Apologise and you shall be pardoned

Setting the NST free was the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is also Internal Security Minister.

So that there will be no further misunderstanding and allegations of vendetta, let me quote from the NST’s own report. It says:
“Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the issue was considered over as the newspaper had expressed regret over what had happened.”

Considered over, said the Prime Minister. Considered over is different from over. As considered done does not necessarily mean done. That’s if we want to split hairs.

As such, I will not join the newly minted Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin a.k.a Zam in declaring the whole episode as “the beginning of the new era”. That’s what the NST in its Feb. 25 report quoted him as saying.

What new era? An era where you can make a grave mistake, defy public opinion but not being punished and get to keep your plump job? If that’s what Zam meant by a new era, I am sad to say that we are actually entering a sad new era in Malaysian journalism. Make mistake and your apology shall set you free.

Beer, Malay, Islam and the Kerisman


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