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Sunday, May 6, 2007

...and The Amateur Minister Award goes to...

BUM 2007

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Quote of the Day:

“The Prime Minister has an absolute genius for putting flamboyant labels on empty luggage” - Aneurin Bevan (Welsh Politician, 1897-1960)

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Tun Dr. Mahathir asks to change weak leaders

The message is clear. Tun Dr. Mahathir wanted UMNO members and the Malays change the present leadership in this country.

Dear PM

The Malaysian Prime Minister – Our Kepoh* Nation Wants Answer

Defecto Leader

On Guthrie, Felda, the Dawn Raid – and the alienation of the toiling classes

Lulu Wonders If Policemen Are Really So Volatile

Elections Watch: A branding problem for the Opposition

Lousy TMNet

IDEA, Incredible? #10: Zam defines new terms

Adoi... Professional or Amateur Minister?

Journo Blogger Poser

MoI on job-creation drive?

Licencing Bloggers

Professional Blogger and Non Professional Bloggers

Do we have to classify everything?

Cheap Classification?

I spread rumours?

Why Bother?

The Nit-Picking Politicians Out To Ground Bloggers

I, on the other hand, am sick tired on commenting silly remarks from sweaty two-bit third world politician whose entire associates is hell-bent on nicking bloggers.

You need to be mad to agree with such gobbledygook. But then Malaysian voters usually are.

The Cell Block D

Pow - Feh - Sion - Nal

How to Define a Professional Blogger

Information Minister - Blogging is bad for the rural people

Malaysian minister will control blogging there

I'm Not A Professional...In Blogging

Does Media Independence exist?

Malaysia Government Proposes Classification of Web Bloggers

Professional Blogger!

A Professional Blogger? I Am Not

Classify what?

Can bloggers be pigeonholed?

Bloggers? Alliance? Wha?

Out with outdated Press laws!

Great posters from kiasu-land

DAP:EGM approved constitutional amendment

Two Banks In Malaysia Perpetuating Never Ending Policy

Again, sponsorship is the issue

Scrap Maybank ruling on 50% bumi partnership for law firms on its panel - unacceptable NEP extension

Tun Makes Court Appearance

Malaysians go for change in Jakarta

Of Blogging and free press...

WPFD2007 errata & a BUM2007 reminder...

PM - reprimand and discipline JJ for racist remarks against Malaysian Indians in California

Am waiting…

Relate Change to Reality

Jed's ball-crushing letter in the Star

SIGNIFICANCE & SIGNALS of IJOK By-ELECTION: Closely Watched? IDEOLOGY vs Bread-Butter Issues; Election Machinery; Elected Representatives Performance

Thank you, Ijok

Astro Revises Upward Monthly Subscription Fees

Anwar invited to speak to DAP delegates on Sunday

Religious intolerance in Malaysia

Man of the Year - The Presidential Debate

And the Winner of Gwangju Prize for Human Rights 2007 is....

For the ladiez and metrosexual guyz..

Of a moderate with no moderation

Pulau Ketam

Akad Nikah

Of breathing in Endau Rompin: Part III

NYTIMES, I HATE YOU. And I need medication

Leu Siew Ying : 2006 Natali Prize winner

Malaysia backpedals on modernity

SoPo and I


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