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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Indians want an apology, JJ!!

BUM 2007

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The Police Should Combat Crime, Not Oppress the People

Scomi and the “gift” to Penang commuters

Happy Birthday, Altantuya! We are sorry…

i list this posting again World Press Freedom Index: Our other national shame

Vacancy for Penang Chief Minister, who will he (she) be?

Anwar to Samy: I am ashamed of you

“The Indians in the estates were treated like slaves. They live in abject poverty in fear of thugs and their overlord minister,” Anwar said.

“The Indians were treated as third class, not by us but by you,” he added, referring to Samy, who is also works minister.

We want an apology!

Fair skin indians are higher class than dark skin?!?...

Celebrating 50 Years of Multi-Racial Nationhood

All Malaysians are sons of the soil

Zam! Class Idiot (Since you are an Indian, Zam, why dont you shout at JJ to stop making offensive remark about your own race?! - bakaq)

Zam Zam Alakazam.....Foot in Zam's Mouth

Classify Bloggers Says Malaysia's Gestapo Wannabe Zainuddin Maidin!

So are you a professional or non-professional blogger?

Classification Of Web Bloggers . AMATEURS !

Professional Blogger!

My fellow Journalists, please blog!

Something wrong in our economy?

Reccomended! Paul and Shaha: How Sweet It Is!



Tun Mahathir on Malayness

“Bumiputera Only” policy killing building contractors

World Press Freedom Day In case you missed the flyer...

WPFD2007: 5th May 2007

Sarawak Politicians related to Gangster

Nothing wrong if non-Muslims use salam, says mufti

Buy- Elections

Lessons from IJOK

A Taxpayer Speaks Out

An NZ Rose Rambles...

Down old school memory lane

Big E Praises Blacks And Malays


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