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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Payrise, Barang Naik

BUM 2007

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Quotation to remember:
"And a moron is simply defined as ‘a very stupid person’. It will be impolite to say that Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister is a stupid moron. But it will be more apt to say that he is very greatly lacking in intelligence" - Ibnu Hakeem

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Ahirudin Attan Syed Ahmad Idid on Corruption

Ahmad A Talib Mahathir met Mahathir - a reunion in Nias

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Alang Rentak Seribu Digging up the ghost of May 13, 1969

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Biggum Dogmannsteinberg PM announced civil service payrise

Capt Yusof Ahmad The Gathering (not the movie)

Chow Kon Yeow No Press Freedom with Zam as Information Minister

Chow Kon Yeow Pay hike fuels election fever

Crankshaft Heartfelt Apology

Daft Oi Lembah Pantai to hold By-Elections

Dalai Baru Faked faiths and religiousity

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir But This is What We're Up Against

Datuk Ron Congratulation TDM And RPK

Datuk Ron Part One: The US War And Occupation Of Iraq

Desiderata The National Alliance of Bloggers and bum2007 Do Differentiated

Dr Hsu Dar Ren Michael Backman tags 20 Asian progressives

Elizabeth Wong BUM2007 :)

Elizabeth Wong Early budget goodie geared for elections?

Elizabeth Wong Note from (re: “May 13″ orders)

Elizabeth Wong Parliament building - a 50-year old ‘woman’

Elviza My Fair Lady, the Musical

Eschua Musa Aman Denies Rift With Bernard Dompok

Eschua Of Royals And Commoners

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Farouk A Peru Islam of the Quran - A reality not a socio-culture

Freethinker Kenny Sia and the Blog Controversy

Gundohing Exclusive Interview with Michael Backman

Hafiz Noor Shams Of AllMalaysian Blogger Project might not be a friend of free speech

Hafiz Noor Shams Of BUM 2007

Haris Ibrahim Get to know your MP : Jasin and Kinabatangan

H J Angus Parliament Flaws the Most Evident Sign of Lack of Accountability

I, Publius Melayu The So-Called 'New' Revelations About That One Day in May 1969

I, Publius Melayu When pushed too far: The Siege of Bukit Kepong

James Wong Wing-On John Esposito's Islam book back for sale in KL

Jeffrey Hardy Quah TV3 Versus Anwar Ibrahim, and a Shocking Revelation is made

Jeffrey Hardy Quah Singapore Versus the Internet and Other Stories

John Lee Ming Keong Information, Ideas and Blogging

Kean-Jin Lim Pay hike for civil servants

Kersani Wanted: A Hero

Kian Ming Chinese Ed Speaking English

Krongkrang Singapore Not Dictating On How To Manage IDR, Says Envoy

KTemoc Anwar Ibrahim interferes with PKR polls?

KTemoc Bloggers - A letter to the ministry

KTemoc PKR's Sepoy Mutiny?

Lim Kit Siang ASEAN MPs back Po Kuan - censure Mohd Said/Bung MokhtarTian Chua Puchong action

Lim Kit Siang Of Repentance and Penitence

Linken Lim Malaysia’s Special Freedom Zone
However, as Raja Petra rightly noted, we need to go further. The Abdullah Administration must be humbled, and the only way is through the ballot box. I am with Raja Petra on this: vote any opposition party. You do not need to defeat the government in order to teach it a useful lesson. Look at Bush with the recent midterm elections; Abdullah too is teachable.

We must bring out the jantans in our voters to impart the lesson to Abdullah. To get rid of him however, we must encourage if not instigate the jantans in UMNO, if there are any left.
Linken Lim Foundation for the Future

Lucia Lai Fu-yoh!! awesome gathering!!

Mahendran New section, new phase

Malaysian Unplug CONTRASTING LEADERSHIP: Raja Nazrin and Our Political Leaders

Malaysian Unplug Why the UMNO-Led Govt is Fearful of Dr.Kua's Book on "May 13"

Maverick S M Bloggers United Gathering 2007

Maverick S M B.U.M. Gathering (Pic Updates)

Maverick S M Tales of Two Cities (part 7)

Minda Cergas Contesting Malayness

Minda Cergas Privatised Projects - 1988

Minda Cergas Reasons to doubt Anwar Ibrahim

Notty Notty Notty!


Nathaniel Tan Teeny words on bum 2007

Nik Nazmi Bloggers Embraced and Engaged!

Noor Yahaya 13 May 1969, Kua Kia Siong book is not the complete story

Noor Yahaya 13 Mei 1969; The Kampung Baru Stories


Nuraina A Samad Of Ah longs and Needing Money

Nuraina A Samad Of Synergy and Bedfellows

Ong Hock Chuan Love but do not fall in love…

Pi Bani International AIDS Memorial Day

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Ronnie Liu About salary increment for 1.02 million civil servants

Sagaladoola Car Accident Case Closed: Kenny Sia Fulfills Social Responsibility

Sheih ISA is an uncivilized law

What A Lulu Lulu Also Got Leaking Problem

Zach Celcom Profiteering

Zainol Abideen Bloggers Gathering at Lakeview Club 19th May 2007
But as I was there to attend the gathering to know what was going to be discussed and decided about the way the proposed 'All Blogs' was heading , I kept my cool and decided to put aside my personal feelings about what I felt about the individual Bloggers whom I have classified as being 'civil' or 'offensive' to Islam and Muslims by the manner in which they blog or pass comments concerning my faith.

I have no problems coming to know my fellow bloggers in the name of blogging camaraderie but it doesn't mean that I have to go with the flow with whatever that doesn't go with my principles of standing up for my faith and it's causes.

I wish that my fellow Bloggers will understand my stand and allow me to be so.


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