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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Payrise a special gift from the government? Cik Gu said, 'kiss my arse'

Quotation to remember:
"And a moron is simply defined as ‘a very stupid person’. It will be impolite to say that Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister is a stupid moron. But it will be more apt to say that he is very greatly lacking in intelligence" - Ibnu Hakeem

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Some people treat salary revisions as the governments special gift to civil servants. Funny, they take your money, buy you a present and gift wrap it, give it to you and you're supposed to be their humble servant for the rest of your lives. The next time a bloody idiot comes to me and say that, I am just going to ask him to 'kiss my arse'.
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We believe IRDA will become just another ridiculous neo colonial trick to expand their physical border line by an invisible way.

Whatever their reason and definition, we will aggressively continue to revealed this bloody truth.

Pak Lah, families & Co. is selling off our country. Wake up M’sian, our enemy is getting nearer now!

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I wonder how they are going to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among dadah users then (dadah users are certainly not going to bonk one another in order to spread the virus), give them clean needles to poke themselves black and blue?
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So it looks like there is more that Singapore wants from Malaysia as compared to Malaysia will want from Singapore. No wonder Mahathir was cold towards Singapore and Pak Lah is warm and fuzzy.
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Perhaps, it’s time that All-Blogs goes to Parliament. Whaddaya say, folks? And let’s do this without the ‘urgings’ from a certain ‘drama queen or king’, shall we. There’s enough c.interruptus from that corridors of power housed within the dilapidated building up the hill.
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Zainol Abideen 'All Blogs' - Reason why some Bloggers fuss about it
To me, I just do not wish to align myself to this or that even though I have stated publicly that I am all for PAS governing this country in the future!

But it doesn't mean or imply that I will support any unjust , unfounded attempt by any so called 'leader' to create an unhealthy atmosphere of fear and oppressive regime downtrodding on each and every Malaysian's right to live their life's at the expense of the truth, fairness and justice that is to be found in the actual teachings of Islam!

Hence, none should go assuming that I will just 'rubberstamp approve' of all that's taking place in PAS and support them blindly. I am all for fair play and justice to everyone. Period.
Zewt What an increase… what a statement…


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