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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Screw Malay Supremacy!!

BUM 2007

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Quote of the Day (of the Week, actually):
"And a moron is simply defined as ‘a very stupid person’. It will be impolite to say that Abdullah Badawi the Prime Minister is a stupid moron. But it will be more apt to say that he is very greatly lacking in intelligence" - Ibnu Hakeem

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Chow Kon Yeow Opinion polls more than opinions only

Dalai Baru A leaking Parliament and MP with smelly bocor mouth...

Dansemacabre Jewish Historian indicts Tony Blair

Dr Farish A Noor Hermeneutics and the Politics of Interpretation


Fong Po Kuan DPM, Jasin and Kinabatangan - Sexist Mindset

Freethinker Political Bloggers Dilemma and Mentality of The Public

Freethinker Magneto to Replace Tony Blair

Hafiz Noor Shams Of re: re: why Malacca but not Srivijaya?

Haris Ibrahim Forum : Respect Women’s Dignity,Towards A 1st World Parliament

H J Angus Can You Guess What Is This?

H J Angus Can You Say a Prayer for My Grand-daughter?

James Wong Wing-On BBQ time again with mates from Down Under

Jeff Ooi 33xxx short code and SMS scam

Jeff Ooi Alleged corruption: Taib sues Utusan, Malaysiakini and KeADILan folks

Jeff Ooi Broker call: NSTP may go private

Jeff Ooi General erection... ( 2 )

Jeff Ooi LCCT: Now everybody can die

Jimmy E Jelani After-thought denial?

John Lee Ming Keong Historically Speaking, Screw Malay Supremacy

Jude Manickam May Day! May Day!

Khoo Kay Peng Brain Washed or Completely Racist?

Kopitiam Talk Malaysia Today & Tomorrow :: Latest May 13 Book to be Banned?

KTemoc May 13 & endemic rot within UMNO

KTemoc Penang UMNO's "2 for me, 1 for you"?

NaCheap Pekena Telinga-Tarik

Nik Nazmi New Media vs. Old Politics

Ong Kian Ming Quick update from Kian Ming

Raja Petra Kamarudin The Waterloo of Malaysian politics


Soon Li Tsin Jasin = Janus MP

Susan Loone Ijok: Khalid says “judge me on my deeds”

Susan Loone May 13: Govt helps promote “undesirable” book

Susan Loone RTM2 on Press Freedom: Rocky’s been had!

Tian Chua Malaccan veteran passed away

Zach My New ASTRO Subscription Rate

Zainol Abideen Happy Teacher's Day! Selamat Hari Guru!

Zainol Abideen Malaysia - Let's Celebrate our Unique Differences!...


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