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Friday, May 4, 2007

Tun Mahathir okays non-Muslim Malay

(Reference: Google and SOPO Sentral of Malaysia. SOPO Sentral of Malaysia is a great, noble effort by brother apa nama dia aku pun tak tau. Please make sure your blog is listed in SOPO Sentral of Malaysia - click here if inquiring mind wants to know him)

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Lion On The Prowl

Pak Lah, investigate from “You Know Who” practice

Malaysia-Australia Ties Strong, Says Abdullah

Yea, let us put our policies, dignity aside and just be "yes sir" to others. Malaysia has made tremendous achievement in australia since 2003, for example a nasi kandar shop opened there recently and now kebaya exhibition.

The rising cost of living…

Message from an idiot (Update)

Singapore's gain, Malaysia's loss

Although singapore is glorious country....

Islam Hadhari ridicules the Hudud Laws of Allah SWT

Malaysia's brain drain or trouble drain?

Zakaria case closed

Mahathir’s endgame or the end of Mahathir’s game?
Acknowledgement of Bloggers ? Fat Chance

WPFD: Thank God for Myanmar, Cuba

Malaysia: richer but less free than its neighbours

World Press Freedom Day #2: Tale of two countries

World Press Freedom or Freedom (re)Press(ed) Day?

Jed’s back in writing!

Jed is critical of PKR’s attitude and policies addressing Ijok and her analysis of election strategies and failed working relationships amongst the Oppositions.

She created some fuss amongst DAP members with her blog, Freelunch 2020 (now closed) because of her published her thoughts and support against the Chinese vernacular school. Her integrity as the Rocket Editor was opposed by some DAP supporters who read her blogs.

Gua Caya Lu, Norila!

Dah mulanya

Bernama is 40

As the stomach turns

The Most Worst Bank In Malaysia

The Worth Of A Homemaker

A21 report release: Development as Accountability

IDEA, Incredible? #9: Anwar moved from a RM2mil home to a RM7mil home!

Dont ever utter "bomb" in Singapore Airport

Anwar claims moral victory in Ijok

Racist Remarks About Malaysian Indians by Dr. Jamaludin Jarjis

My race is better than yours because we’re purer than you!

Samy Vellu, if you dont trash him, who will?

Who’s The Slime Juice Cat Now? Jamaludin Jarjis!

Chinese Community Voting Against BN?

PM's Religious Advisor Says No Chinese Mosque

Malaysian Offical Rejects Request For Chinese Muslim Mosque


Malaysian Muslim woman chooses faith over children

Tun Mahathir receives honorary doctorate from Unsyiah

Tun Mahathir Okays Non-Muslim Malays With Condition

Hmmm... sedap sarapan pagi
Just wondering…


The chronicles of morons

Uproar in Malaysia after Islamic officials separate family

Why didn't they examine him...

Maxis... 59.53% accepts privatisation offer so far

Stop the fishing expedition?

Education as a political football

Malaysian journo body wants bloggers recognised

The serial plagiarist

Coin Merchant , BTN and many more

World Press Freedom Day 2007

World Press Freedom Day

3rd May , World Press Freedom Day

World press freedom day

Stop The Press

Stop the violence and intimidation now!

Labour day strike: Pay raise issue(18SX)

Plight of migrant workers

Further Thoughts On Migrants

White Paper in Parliament after checking all buildings, 3.5.2007

Iskandar Development Region: Reality or Hype?

An excuse to Australia

Najib: Chinese swing a false alarm

Post Ijok - Quo vadis DAP?

RM534.8 million commission for Scorpene submarines - why Perimekar?

Two 'national champions': Who bear the costs from now on?

Ijok: lessons for the Opposition

BN’s Pyrrhic victory in Ijok - next general election before 50th Merdeka celebrations on August 31?

Aftermath of Ijok: Hindu temple demolishments again!

Ijok/Machap - Umno more concerned than MCA about swing of Chinese votes to Opposition? Cheapshot at membership drive?

Ijok: 80% of Indian voters supported MIC/BN

Ijok & The Nasi & Lauk Story

Ijok - where bloggers were at sea?

May Day: Workers urged to compete globally


I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll NEP your house down…

Court Complex in Jalan Duta Cracks

Umno shuts the door on Anwar

Towards A Competitive Malaysia #4

Coin Merchant , BTN and many more

Apostasy : more developments (1)

Tun Dr. Mahathir will be in Kota Bahru at 6th May 2007

Ananda Krishnan Dashed Lulu's Hopes of Being a Millionaire

Sabah DCM's Brother Alleges Mayor Illegal Migrant

RPK rocks!!

History of Malaysia - 1970 till present

Machiavelli to the max

What Does 19th of May Mean To You? A General Election Date?

BN's pyrrhic victory in Ijok

Victims of Ijok

Ijok Videos: DS Anwar & TS Khalid return to Ijok in strong spirits, a glimpse of me among samsengs

Ijok - DPM says there is no need to be alarmed by some votes going to opposition

Maybe this is the magic of Ijok

Ijok: 'Christmas' on 28th April Is Over, But Are The 'Decorations' Down

Post-Ijok intelligence report for BN Chairman

The Case of Over-Representation: Lessons from All-Blogs and Ijok

Samy dares Anwar to take him on in next polls

Buoyed By Ijok Win, Samy Vellu Takes Leave Of His Senses, Challenges Anwar

Chinese Champion or butthole licking UMNO bitch? Your move, MCA

Trade With China: Threat or Opportunity for Malaysia?

Thinking Blogger, Thinking Press

100 places to see before you die


Demerit System For The Home

Today, a year ago (Happy birthday dearest Elviza from pak ngah, happy birthday dearest Luqman. Congratulation Jeff!)

Blogging as a new media

Final Part: The Pivotal Import Of Yellowcake False Flags and Big Time Evil

"Humanity is part of nature and that is exactly the problem"

PPS is anti-Islam and pro-Zionist

Bloggers, be responsible!

Pinjam RM10...

Looking for a lawyer

Of breathing in Endau Rompin: Part II

McMaster University - 4 lectures by Francis Boyle

Bar forum The Malacca Bar Committee is holding a forum entitled “Towards a Better Local Government”

A Sight to Behold

Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Awards

The Brits Have Spoken: Bye-bye Blair!

Main Polluter of Rivers

Virtual Kopitiam: Global Warming

Global Warming: Be Warned

Astro to raise subscription fees

While you were away...

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