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Saturday, May 5, 2007

The strange missing link in Ijok

BUM 2007

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ZAM Eats Out Tonite!
Wat say Tokoh Wartawan?

ZAM: Professional and amateur bloggers i am not a blogger. i'm a blowgrr or a blowgrron. So, i have nothing to do with your suggestion, zam or whatever your name is (bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca)

World Press Freedom Index: Our other national shame

Malaysia: 12 General Elections is here!

2. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, Pilihan Raya Umum Ke 12 akan diadakan dalam masa yang terdekat ini. Pihak Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) telah mengenalpasti sekolah – sekolah berkenaan untuk dijadikan pusat mengundi. Pegawai – pegawai pengurusan pilihan raya juga telah dilantik untuk melaksanakan urusan pilihan raya bagi kawasan – kawasan Pilihan raya Parlimen berkenaan. Pegawai – pegawai pengurus berkenaan juga dikehendaki melantik beberapa petugas pilihan raya seperti Ketua Tempat Mengundi dan kerani tempat mengundi. Lantikan ini akan dibuat dari kalangan guru dan kakitangan sekolah.

Phantom Voters-BERNAMA Polls

Want a Joost Invitation?

Hit the Road Jack: The Jaded Opposition

The strange missing link of this campaign is why not a single "in the bag" issues involving the Prime Minister, his son and his "son-out-law" like ECM Libra, Scomi, Oil for food, ISA on BSA Tahir, etc. raised? Why is it that PKR, and also DAP, refused to raise these issues in their campaign?

47.5 % Malay voters in Ijok support KeADILan

BN no reason to exult over Ijok - but fatal mistake to think next poll is “harvest time” for Opposition

The Opposition is Still Failing

Ijok By-Election

Ijok or not, Indian now core supporters of BN

Unspoken Social Contract

SAMY VELLU Miffed by PKR Claim – RM100 million for Ijok Increased 201 Votes Dares ANWAR To Contest With Him; NAJIB: NOT To Worry – SLIP in CHINESE Vot


Landmark ruling for non-Muslim minorities, my infidel ass

Lim Kit Siang's right, you know. It's an open ended decision that does nothing to confirm the rights of non-Muslims vis a vis Islamic laws and establishment in this country.

...Dr M, you do realise the inverse meaning of this threat to strip Malay converts (out of Islam) of their bumi privileges, don't you?

If this threat does actually "deter" or "encourage" Malays not to convert, it means that the reason why they chose to remain Muslim is simply economics and greed... not piety nor the love of the religion.

World Press Freedom Day 2007... Central Market May 5-6

Letter to AG: Double Standards in Not Prosecuting Policemen

Double Bliss?

50th Merdeka - nightmare of public health system

Rocky vs NSTP & 4 Others, Defence and Strike-out

The plagiarist strikes again, and again

Press Freedom: Screenshots & Others help save Malaysia's world ranking

NUJ Solidarity

NUJ backs ALL-BLOGS; Rocky files fresh strike-out application

Pandora's Box is unveiled for CM Sarawak Taib?

VIPs and Royalties should know when to use public roads!

Palace Building Fraudster Zakaria Mat Deros Still Above The Law

Zakaria case closed

SOS Damansara: Open letter to Ong Ka Ting

Trade With China: Threat or Opportunity for Malaysia?

Me, Wakil Rakyat? No way Jose!

Interesting Thought....

Confrontation Part 1

Karpal Singh throws challenge to Samy Vellu


Let’s trust him

NST's anachronistic views on Chinese M'sians

Tasik Raban: The reality behind the 'beauty'

Flags of our Fathers

Bloggers sued

Sign the Petition to the US and UK governments now!!

Detained for 4 months in Brussels !

Badminton: BAM, Roslin Hashim and us

Why is MIT the scientific paradise?

A strong-willed woman

Slave on a mission

MJ or Zain Bhikha?

CAUTION : Random Ramblings Not Worth Reading #2

Zeitgeist Semangat Zaman

Arabs complain of fleecing by cabbies and dirty beaches

REGRETS ...different ways

Islam Influenced African American Music

MUST READ ARTICLE: : Malaysia's Untenable Future: The Clash between Modernity and Religious Supremacy

Taking Religious Beliefs To The Office

Faces of the killer family

Next Constitution Amendment Bill - introduce Article 121(1B) to restore non-Muslim rights

Broken Family...Cannot Be God's Intention

A home divided...

Following up on Marimuthu: a Thought occurs

Kelas Atas Bawah Tengah, in between and A Minister


Joget Lambak!

Voice Over IP

US Education Fair

Of Joshua Abraham Norton, the emperor of USA



shar101 May 6, 2007 at 12:52 PM  

Sdr Bakaq,

Terima kasih kerana letak poster saya dalam blog Malaysiakita.

Harap-harap jangan jadi 'missing link'.


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