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Friday, January 11, 2008

Muharram ghost tour

Ahirudin Attan said, "Not a good start for Muharram, not at all".

Who could deny that? Not only another girl has gone missing while the police are still at loss for clues about Nurin's abductor and murderer, but we are also haunted by list of other "ghosts".

"Oil for food" fake shortage, crime rate spiking up (Umno politicians included?), endless scandals in the police force (polis raja di Malaysia or Polis Diraja Malaysia?) and now sundry shops finding it hard to obtain flour. The list will go on and on.

As usual, a great length of all the factors listed by a few smart Alexs to justify the shortage. No one touches about the blatant monopoly by all those stinking rajas - raja gula, raja tepung, raja AP, all those criminals.

Wake up, economists!

Musa, mobilise your force....or get the fuck out of our face (Cik Gu Bernard)
Seen This Man? (Nuraina A Samad)
Nurin Alert For Nini.. (Nuraina A Samad)
Shahrizat: Everyone must help to find Sharlinie (The Star)
“We cannot waste any time, we must find this child. Not only to save her life, but also to send a clear message to the perpetrators – don’t think that in this country, you can do whatever crime or violent act you like”.
News about Sharlinie
Bloggers on Sharlinie
Don't use crime rate as poll gimmick (Malaysiakini)
Internal conflicts drive offenders to repeat crime, says psychologist (Bernama)
Lets Trade (Nazir Khan)
Please people of neighbouring countries, return our cooking oil, our, flour, our diesel and our young girls and take our leaders in return. They are the best in the world, please take them.
Pampered lives and price hikes (The Star)
Our politicians have preferred to downplay the escalating cost of living while trying to convince the people on the need to reduce subsidies. But the fact is, you cannot do both at the same time.

Sooner or later, we have to bite the bullet and face the reality of sharing the burden of subsidies. Elections or not, the Government will have to deal with the impact of oil price increases.

At the same time, the Government needs to work harder to stop wastage in projects that bring little benefit to Malaysians. Pride is one thing but if it serves little besides inflating our egos, then we should just save our money.

We also need to contain our cost of production and be serious in fighting corruption and mismanagement.

The campaign to convince Malaysians to be prudent and thrifty can only work if the Government also ends some of these abuses.


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