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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Vote SJER!

Old Harry wants you to vote SJER, sorry, Barisan Nasional. This news speaks for itself:
Malaysia will not face economic hardship - Kuan Yew

SINGAPORE, Jan 7 (Bernama) - Malaysia will experience a healthy economic growth this year as the signs are positive, former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew said tonight.

He said the current high prices of petroleum and Malaysia's commodities such as palm oil and others would bring good revenues this year and keep the country's economy buoyant.

Lee was speaking at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) 40th anniversary gala dinner here.

He said although Malaysia was expected to experience lower growth of 5.6 percent compared to 5.7 percent last year, the country would not face any economic hardship.

Lee mentioned that Malaysia was embarking on major economic projects such as developing the whole country through integrated plans like the Southern Johor, East Coast and Northern Corridor Economic Regions.
When LKY Speaks ... (A Voice)
'Beware the IDR falling into S'pore's hands' (AsiaOne)
Don't involve S'pore govt in IDR: Mahathir (Malaysia Today)
Do not trust the Singapore Government (ShadowFox)
Singapore loves the current administration of Abdullah Badawi because they could easily manipulate and temp/corrupt him to do what they want. Do understand that impeding the growth and development of Malaysia is to the interest of Singapore.


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